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This seemingly endless marathon to have Victoria and Sophia returned home has been relentless in so many ways… Emotionally, physically, and also financially.

A note to you from Dennis…

The financial aspect is something that I hate to face and realize at times, because it almost seems secondary to the concept that the girls are the most important focal point. But it simply cannot be ignored that unfortunately, this international incident is extremely costly. I personally know other left behind parents who have given up on trying to have their children returned after being kidnapped. Each time it has been financial constraints which have left these parents facing the unthinkable. I have cried many tears speaking with these parents and have a paralyzing fear that this quest for justice in the name of the best interests of my daughters can end due to lack of financial ability.

I sadly, yet unapologetically state that I have had my home foreclosed and was forced to declare bankruptcy due to past legal fees. It’s just the way it is when you will do anything for your children… The continued costs of trying to have them returned is a running tap.

Another unfortunate and unavoidable consequence of working on this case daily is that my real estate career has suffered as well. At a time when closing more deals would seem more important than ever, this intricate Hague process becomes its own full time job…

With that in mind, it must be said that these types of International Hague kidnapping cases typically cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So please understand that any donation amount is so deeply appreciated to fuel the countless continued expenses.

Thank you and God Bless,

Dennis, Victoria and Sophia and the entire Burns Family


Donations can be made via PayPal or credit card using the “Donate” link,
or by mail to the Return Burns Children Fund in care of
Alpine Bank at P.O. Box 5490; Snowmass Village, CO 81615.

Help Raise Funds

Return Burns Children BandsOne unique way we have been raising some funds is with our purple and pink bracelets. We have thousands of Victoria and Sophia bracelets on people’s wrists already. Purple and pink are Victoria and Sophia’s favorite colors, so they are in their honor.

They are available for any donation amount, so just email Dennis your mailing address with your donation (please indicate if you donated via PayPal or by mail using the mailing address above).

We have also had schools, churches and youth groups collecting donations for bracelets. If this is something you can help with, please contact us for further details on having us send you as many as you need.

Zero Cost Real Estate Referrals

Are you or a friend considering buying or selling
a home in the United States?

Sothebys International RealtyDennis Burns is a Real Estate Broker with Aspen Snowmass Sotheby’s International in Colorado.

As a Real Estate Broker, Dennis has formed the Return Our Children HOME Foundation℠ (The ROCH Foundation℠) to assist other families who are also struggling to have their illegally abducted children returned home. [More about the ROCH Foundation]

ROCH Foundation

Click here for more information or to arrange a Realtor

Whatever state you want to sell or buy your Home, you can be of great assistance at no cost to yourself by making your first contact to Dennis Burns through this Foundation and having him arrange your Realtor, through the Child Home Realtor Referral Program℠.

One simple phone call will start the process of arranging for you a knowledgeable and professional member of the National Association of Realtors to handle the sale or purchase of your home. This arrangement earns the Foundation a referral fee from the receiving broker at closing, which will be used to help fund the cause to return abducted children home.

Of course, if you are considering buying or selling a home in the Aspen Valley, please contact Dennis as well.

It means so much more to Dennis to be able to be of assistance in order to fund the cause, rather than just receiving donations. Since Real Estate is Dennis’s career, this gives him a chance to “Pay it Forward” to help other families and their children who are also suffering.

Please consider contacting the Return Our Children HOME FOUNDATION when it’s time for your next real estate transaction.

With the ROCH Foundation…
by establishing your HOME and family, you are helping
reunite a child back to their HOME and family…

970-948-9788 (cell)  |  |  Connect with Dennis at Sotheby’s

Legislative Information & Developments

IMPORTANT – Please sign this petition!

Family Law International - PetitionPlease sign this very important petition to the government of Argentina, to return Victoria & Sophia Burns!

Please Support H.R. 3212 Today!

Tell Congress that you Support H.R. 3212 Please ask your Congressmen to support HB 3212! Your letter will be sent to your representative in Congress and posted anonymously on

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